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St. Monica's Diocesan School


September the 01st : Spring Day and Secretaries Day

On Wednesday 01 September, the school celebrated spring day and learners as well as staff were happy to be rid of their winter clothing. We did not have our usual spring day celebrations, due to Covid-19, nevertheless the learners enjoyed the warmer weather.
September the first is also Secretaries day and the school secretaries were treated to gifts and eats to acknowledge all the hard work that they put in to ensure the school runs efficiently. Thank you to all the admin staff.




2021 poster-min

On Wednesday 11 August the school organised a special day for the grade 12 learners as it was their last day at school before trials. The day started with grade 11 learners handing over personalised notes of encouragement to their seniors.


The school was honoured to have Reverend. Zansi from Amy church share a message of perseverance from the bible. He blessed the school and prayed for the grade 12 learners.


Lastly at the end of the day the grade 12’s gathered in the hall where they received gifts and trials survival packs, made up by their guardian teachers. Each educator also had the opportunity to hand over personalised cards to the learners and shared their best wishes for the learners. All of this was done in order to show the schools support in their preparation efforts and to motivate them to never give up.


Miss E. Davey









On Wednesday 18 August 2021, St. Monica’s Diocesan School held its prefect elections for the prefect body of 2022. The Grade 11 learners have been feverishly campaigning for votes. All the learners were given the opportunity to be fully engaged in the voting process. The RCL members were present to ensure that the process was conducted fairly and transparently. Due to Covid-19 regulations, the elections were conducted in the respective classes.


The day was also used as an opportunity for learners to apply for LDP positions for the year 2022. All applications were handed to the Grade HOD. Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, all processes were completed smoothly.




Pre-School and JP Pyjama Fun day

On the 15th of June 2021, the St. Monica’s Pre-School and Junior Primary Phase held a Pyjama fun day for all the learners and staff. The learners and teachers enjoyed relaxing and snuggling in their pyjamas, gowns and slippers.

Mrs R. Gous and Ms N. Niehaus







KZN Rugby Trials vs. Ashton International College

On the 12th of May 2021, St. Monica’s U/16 Candidate travelled to Ashton International College in Ballito. Eyona Mangumta represented St. Monica’s Diocesan School. He played well and made the team which is going through to the next round, and will be held at Kings Park. Thank you to King Edward High School for their transportation and to St. Monica’s for the opportunity.

Mr N. Premchand (Coach)


Grade 12 Tourism Industrial Related task

St. Monica’s Grade 12 Tourism learners, held their industrial related task at the school on 10th May. This was a task in which the learners had to simulate a real restaurant environment where they had to make tea and sandwiches for customers. It was such an invaluable experience as the learners got experience firsthand in the real working world. A select few were chefs and others were waiters and waitresses. They provided some excellent service and as a result, were commended by most teachers who asked for an echo of the event.

Mrs B. Mandiwanzira


SKZN Rugby Trials

On Wednesday 5th of May, two of our learners attended the SKZN Rugby trials on the South Coast. Eyona Mangumta made it through to the U/16A squad. He will be attending final trials and his team will be playing against Zululand this Wednesday the 12th of May in Ashton. All the best from us at St. Monica’s

Ms S. Greyling





KZN Athletics Champs

On Thursday 25 March 2021 the St Monica’s athletes arrived in Durban, in the early hours of the morning, due to the protest action on the N2. They were accompanied by Mr Dlamini and Ms Greyling. We arrived safely and were accommodated at the Fig Tree. All Covid-19 regulations were adhered to. The learners took part on the first day of the Champs on Friday 26 March. Our learners did well and two of them won bronze medals, even though it was pouring with rain. On the second day Saturday 27 March six of our learners participated and Nikita Dombela as well as Refengkgotso Setloboko achieved gold for Javelin and High jump respectively, Thato Thabana achieved silver for Hurdles and Ashwin Kotze achieved bronze for High jump.

Sunday 28 March was the final day of the tournament and the learners won 3 medals; 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze. We travelled back safely and would like to thank our parents, Leohla Transport, the school management and Our Father for being with us and encouraging us during the tournament.

Ms S. Greyling

Bushman’s Nek Tourism Excursion

On Wednesday the 24th March the Grade 12 Tourism learners visited Bushman’s Nek in Underberg as part of their Tourism School Based Assessment task. The learners were accompanied by Mrs Mandiwanzira and Mr Muravu. The learners were able to experience the hospitality of the staff and the sites at Bushman’s Nek. The learners learnt about the different types of accommodation offered, the tourist sites and scenic drives. They learnt about the different job descriptions offered at Bushman’s Nek and what goes into doing these different jobs/careers. The learners also experienced first-hand how the establishment takes care of the environment to ensure its sustainability.

The learners will be able to apply the knowledge they acquired at Bushman’s Nek in their academics and in their future. We would like to thank the Lord for safe travelling mercies as well as the parents for support and the school management team. The experience was invaluable.

Mrs Mandiwanzira











Ash Wednesday

St. Monica’s as a school that is founded on Christian principles and following the church’s routine, held Ash Wednesday service on the 17th of February 2021.

The presiding priest was Rev. Fr. Mafunda who is the Chaplain of the school. The Principal, Mrs P. Myburg and the College Deputy Principal, Mr Kock and a number of staff members had attended. Usually we conduct this service with other priests and the whole school. This year because of Covid-19 we selected only the Grade 12s.

Holy Eucharist was not celebrated as we usually do. Giving of ashes was done by pouring only a bit of ash into a sprinkler and the priest went round sprinkling the participants who had practiced social distancing.

The governmental regulations were observed, i.e., social distancing, sanitizing, screening, putting on masks. The church too had given instruction on how to conduct this particular service. All was observed.

The priest reading from the Prophet Jeremiah 18:1-10 preached about our brokenness especially at the time of the Corona Virus and being grateful to God who is our potter that he gives us another chance of coming back to Him so that He may remold us into new human beings.

A special prayer was made for the victims of Covid-19 and special thanks to the congregants especially our new Principal, Mrs Myburg. God has done it again that the school is led by Principals who fear God. May God be blessed.

Fr. F. Mafunda

St. Monica’s preparing the Matrics for 2021

Over the last 11 months our learners have had to overcome many challenges, some that they have never faced before. Learners have lost family members and have experienced changes to their normal way of life, all whilst still being expected to perform at school. That is why it is critical that we support our learners as much as we can.

On Monday 22 February Mrs. Tracy Rawlins came to school to speak to the Gr. 12 learners of 2021 on dealing with the anxiety that many learners are experiencing in Gr. 12, especially with the added fear of Covid-19. Our learners reacted very positively to her presentation and are aware of the immense support network they have at school.

Mrs. Rawlins is a training co-ordinator at “PATCHSA”, an inclusive and compassionate network that aims to share specialized knowledge, tools, resources and opportunities to ensure the best possible care for children with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses. We would like to thank her for the positive contribution she makes to our learners and others around the country.

Mr C. de Kock











 Senior Primary Monitor Ceremony

On the 12th of February 2021, a small ceremony was held in honour of the announcing of our Grade 7 monitors. Each monitor was issued with a certificate, a scroll containing their pledge to the school and their badge. We are very proud of our learners. The monitors will set the tone and the example for the learners that will be following in their footsteps. Keep up the hard work and congratulations to each and every one of you.

Mrs C. de Kock


Pre-School and Primary School Valentine’s day

On the 12th of February 2021, our Pre-School and Junior Primary school celebrated Valentine’s Day. Although we could not have our traditional festivities because of Covid-19, they had a wonderful day dressed in their valentine’s attire. The Junior Primary teachers chose the best dressed boy and girl as Mr and Ms Valentine.

On Monday, the 15th and 16th of February, the Senior Primary learners at St. Monica’s celebrated Valentine’s Day. Despite the cooler weather the learners were dressed up in their Valentine’s Day colours and enjoyed the day.

Mrs R. Gous,  Ms N. Niehaus & Ms M. la Marque









First day of school – Pre – School

This February, the start of the school year seemed more overwhelming than before. Our first groups started on the 1st of February, and the next group on the 8th of February.

Our learners arrived wearing masks, demonstrating awareness about Covid - 19. Everyone displayed a readiness to comply with the new safety regulations. Despite all this, learners quickly adapted to the new circumstances and were eager to resume their new routine. This augurs well for the New Year ahead.

Mrs R. Gous

Opening of revitalized library

09 February 2021: St. Monica’s Diocesan School is pleased to open the revitalized library that the school team worked on since November 2020. With the effect of Covid-19 on education, we are proud to have completed this project which will provide learners with access to books, a quiet area to study and read.

The schools goal is to create a reading culture and a place where learners can feel at home and gain access to information from around the world.

Mrs J. E. de Kock











New Principal at St. Monicas Diocesan School.

  It is a matter of great pleasure and honour to welcome the new principal of St. Monica’s Diocesan School, Mrs Princess Myburg. Mrs Myburg is no stranger  to the institution. She was appointed as an EMS, Accounting, Economics and Business Studies teacher in 2008. She became the HOD of the Senior phase  in 2010 and was appointed Deputy Principal of the Primary School in 2013. In 2014 she took up the position of Deputy Principal of the College. Mrs Myburg  was also principal of Mariazell High School from 2018 to 2020.  


On behalf of the entire administration, faculty, and students we welcome you to our institution.


  We hope that with your energy, enthusiasm and focus on education and learning our school will achieve greater excellence.


Thank you so much for joining us and we wish you the best of luck.


Mrs J.E. de Kock 


First Day of school 2021

On the 1st of February 2021, we were happy to welcome current and new learners to a new and exciting school year. A special welcome is extended to our new Pre-School and Grade 1 learners. The staff is looking forward to getting to know the children and to help them reach their full potential. We wish them a happy school career at St. Monica’s Diocesan School.

Miss N. Niehaus







13 January 2021

Dear Parents / Guardians


Having come from a long and unusual year, 2020, I want to welcome back all our parents and learners. I want to thank you all for the support you provided to help us keep the school a safe place and for your understanding with many of the changes that had to be put in place during a difficult year. On the 28 December 2020 President Cyril Ramaphosa placed the country under lockdown level 3, due to the rising number of Covid-19 cases. This has necessitated the change in school opening date for learners, from 13 January 2021 to 25 January 2021, on a rotational basis. The class teachers will send out the rotational timetable on the whattsapp groups and they will also be available on the schools website. The staff has put a lot of effort into creating online lessons and devising lessons and resources that can be accessed with a minimum of adult support at home.

We trust that God will continue to lead and guide us as we embark on a new and challenging year!


Staff, learners and all visitors will be screened on entering the school. We appeal to parents to keep school visits to a minimum unless absolutely necessary. Learners must be orientated on wearing masks in public, social distancing, constant hand washing and sanitizing. Parents must not send learners to school if they are feeling sick. Please do notify the school of a learner who has tested positive for coronavirus (Covid-19) on the following email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or alternatively contact the principal on (039) 7374 053.


The Grade 12 results are not available at this time and we want to take this opportunity to congratulate the learners who were able to pass Grade R -11 during a difficult year. The 2020 final results were as follows:

Grade R – 97% pass

Grade 1 – 94% pass

Grade 2 – 96% pass

Grade 3 – 97% pass

Grade 4 – 98% pass

Grade 5 – 98% pass

Grade 6 – 97% pass

Grade 7 – 92% pass

Grade 8 – 86% pass

Grade 9 – 95% pass

Grade 10 – 89% pass

Grade 11– 94% pass


I am extremely grateful to the staff who worked tirelessly to support and educate all our learners through a difficult year.


We are happy to announce that all our staff have returned in 2021 and we welcome back

Mrs P. Myburg as our new school principal. Mrs Myburg was a staff member at St Monica’s from 2008 to 2016. She took up a post as principal of Mariazell High School and we welcome her back in 2021. We look forward to her leadership and hope that she will take the school from strength to strength. Welcome back, Mrs Myburg!



  • OFFICE HOURS: 08H00 to 12H00 from 13 January 2021 till 22 January 2021.

From 25 January 2021 we revert back to the following 07H30 to 15H00 on Mondays to Thursdays; and 07H30 to 14H00 on Fridays.

  • UNIFORM SHOP: 08H00 to 12H00 from 13 January 2021 till 22 January 2021.

From 25 January 2021 we revert back to the following 07H30 to 09H00 Mondays to Thursdays and from 13H00 to 14H00 and Fridays from 07H30 to 09H00 and from 12H30 to 13H30.

  • Due to Covid-19 regulations there will be NO EXTRA- and CO-CURRICULAR PROGRAMME.
  • I want to remind parents that REPORTS WILL NOT be issued to learners. Reports may only be collected by the learners’ legal guardian/s from the school. Identification will need to be presented and the reports will have to be signed for. This is to ensure that parents are sufficiently informed from the beginning of the year concerning their children’s performance and to curb the increasing problem of report fraud. Arrangements for collection of reports at the end of each term will be communicated to you closer to the time.
  • STATIONERY FEES and JANUARY SCHOOL FEES are now due. Thank you to all those parents who have paid timeously. Teachers have created whattsapp groups for current Grade R to Grade 12 learners/parents. Please do communicate with the school if your child has not been put in a class whattsapp group.

In the interests of better serving you, our parents, and your children this year, I would like to invite you to come in to discuss any concerns you may have regarding any aspect of your child’s schooling at St. Monica’s. We would love to hear from you. Please make an appointment through the office to ensure that the Principal or the Deputy Principals are available.

Thank you for your continued and loyal support.

Sincerely Yours

Mrs P. Myburg



Re-Opening of Schools
Grade 7 and 12 learners at St. Monica’s Diocesan School are doing their part to fight COVID-19. Eager to resume their education, learners wore face masks and sanitized regularly to ensure protocol was followed. Learners were welcomed by disinfected classes, social distancing practices and regular temperature checks as they pick up their books and try to save the academic year. We would like to thank all parents, staff and learners for their support during these uncertain times.









U/7 – U/9 Mini-Cricket Festival at KEHS

On Saturday, 7th March 2020, the U/7 – U/9 cricket boys participated in the KFC mini-cricket festival at King Edward High School. The learners were very excited  and enjoyed the day.
Thank you to King Edward High School for hosting this fun and successful event.
Miss Kock

KZN Championships

On the 6th - 8th of March, our athletes took part in the KZN Athletics championships and performed extremely well and managed to bring home 6 medals between them.
The following were awarded medals in their events:

Refengkgotso Setloboko: Gold medal in High Jump.
Samkelisiwe Ngema: Gold medal in High Jump
Enkosi Majikijela: Bronze medal in Hurdles
Eyona Mangumta: Bronze medal in High Jump.
Nikitha Dombela: Gold medal in Shot Put and Silver Medal in Javelin.

Thank you to the school for awarding them the opportunity to showcase their talents and an extended thank you to their coaches.
Ms S. Greyling and Mr I. Leboea









 elsa 3



St. Monica’s School welcomes another member to our family.  Anje Kandan will be teaching Afrikaans in the College. We hope she enjoys many years at St. Monica’s 

 IMG 5416-001


U/11 and U/13 Cricket vs St. Patrick’s College


On the 21st of February 2020, the U/11 and U/13 cricket teams travelled to Kokstad to play a match against St. Patrick’s College. The u/11s, Delron Smith and Riku Pieterse had a superb partnership and scored most of the runs for the team. Phila Gigaba was the best bowler and Alizwa Shibani was the best batsman for the U/13s. Both teams had fun and enjoyed the game. Thank you to St. Patrick’s College for hosting this match.


Mr N. Dlamini and Mr N. Premchand


m7U/7 – U/9 Mini-Cricket Festival at KEHS

On Saturday, 7th March 2020, the U/7 – U/9 cricket boys participated in the KFC mini-cricket festival at King Edward High School. The learners were very excited and enjoyed the day.

Thank you to King Edward High School for hosting this fun and successful event.

Miss Kock

KZN Championships

On the 6th - 8th of March, our athletes took part in the KZN Athletics championships and performed extremely well and managed to bring home 6 medals between them.

The following were awarded medals in their events:

Refengkgotso Setloboko: Gold medal in High Jump.

Samkelisiwe Ngema: Gold medal in High Jump

Enkosi Majikijela: Bronze medal in Hurdles

Eyona Mangumta: Bronze medal in High Jump.

Nikitha Dombela: Gold medal in Shot Put and Silver Medal in Javelin.

Thank you to the school for awarding them the opportunity to showcase their talents and an extended thank you to their coaches.

Ms S. Greyling and Mr I. Leboea







Pre-School Valentine’s day

St. Monica’s Pre-School celebrated Valentine’s Day on Friday 14th February 2020. Most of the learners were dressed in red and white.

Learners enjoyed a variety of treats. Thank you to the staff and children for the special effort, and using this occasion to emphasize the theme of being kind and caring.

Mrs R. Gous

JP Valentine’s Day

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, our grade 1, 2 and 3 learners spent the day celebrating love. They had a day filled with love, laughter and lots of fun. Their joyful spirit and contagious laughter was spread throughout the campus while they danced and cheered as each grade showed off their outfits by modeling for their teachers and friends. To all the teachers who were involved, thank you for making such a day of fun and successful as it was.

Miss N. Mendes

Senior Primary Phase Valentine’s Day

The Senior Primary phase enjoyed a day filled with love, excitement, friendship and cheer on the 14th February. Learners relished in music, dance, fun games and good food at the SP Valentine’s Day dance. The following learners received prizes for their exquisite attire and demeanor at the modeling contest.

Ms Valentine:                   Thina Vutula (Gr 7)

1st Runner up:                    Tlotla Lenaba (Gr 4)

2nd Runner up:                   Onalenna Lepheana (Gr 4)

Mr Valentine:                    Ntlanta January (Gr6)

1st Runner up:                    Athi-Anathi Ngema (Gr 5)

2nd Runner up:                   Bulumko Mdolomba (Gr 7)

Thank you to all staff and learners for making this day a success.

Mrs N. Lutchman

St Monica’s Leadership Camp

On 14 February 55 St Monica’s learner travelled to Cedarberg Guest Farm to take part in the school’s annual leadership camp. The purpose of the camp is to encourage teamwork and problem solving skills. Donald Walters said “Leadership is an opportunity to serve. It is not a trumpet call to self-importance”. In a world that is driven by self-interest it is vital that our learners understand the importance of serving others.

Learners were given a presentation by Mr. Muravu and Mr. Kazingizi about the principles of leadership as well as what it meant to be a role model. During the presentation learners had the opportunity to ask questions and give their opinions on how these principles related to real life situations.

They were then divided into three groups and competed against each other in various activities which included physical as well as mental challenges that put their team working skills to the test. At the end of the weekend each team had to create a war cry that symbolized the type of leaders they would be. The learners had a lot of fun and are eager to put what they have learned into practice.

I would just like to thank Cedarberg Guest Farm for their help in preparing for this event and every staff member involved in making this weekend such a success.

Mr. de Kock

College Valentine’s Day

The college celebrated Valentine’s Day on Friday 14 February. Everyone came dressed to impress, even the educators. The learners participated in various activities which included modeling, a photo booth and anonymous letter delivery. Fun was had by all. A big thank you goes out to all the staff who helped and everyone who supported this event.

Mr. Leboea











Mini-Cricket U/7 –U/9 vs Focused


On the 6th February, our u/7 – u/9 cricket teams played a friendly match against Focused. The learners enjoyed themselves and the u/7’s gained much experience. Ice-lollies and cool drinks were served after a warm day at sport. Thank you to Focused for organizing this event.


Mrs A. de Wet






KZN Athletics

 On the 24th of January, St. Monica’s athletes took part in the KZN Athletics meeting. They went further to another league meeting on Saturday the 1st February and some of the athletes will be attending the championships in March.


Ms S. Greyling







Welcoming old and new learners - 15 January 2020

On behalf of the staff at St Monica’s Diocesan School, I am happy to welcome current and new learners to the new school year. I am especially excited to welcome our Grade 1 learners. I trust that it is going to be a year full of new adventures. The staff are excited and are looking forward to getting to know your children and to help them reach their full potential. Together we will make 2020 a spectacular year!!!!

Mrs J E de Kock




Learners from Grade 1 to 7 were rewarded for their commitment to academics, sports, leadership and other activities offered by the school. An appreciation lunch was enjoyed at SARA-LEE Bed and Breakfast. The learners enjoyed a fun filled day of swimming and relaxation and of course, something to eat and drink. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the Principal, Board members and SMT for the opportunity to relax and have fun and also to thank Ms A. Terblanche for the use of the venue and the food. We would like to congratulate these learners on their achievements.

Mrs J E de Kock

Staff Development

As an IEB School it is of great importance for staff to acquire the necessary skills required to maintain a high level of excellence. This year our staff attended a workshop at the Pocket at Kargs Post in Kokstad. A presentation was held by Mrs Andreia Clowes about different personality types. Staff learned about each personality’s characteristics, needs, weaknesses and ways of learning. This helped staff to better understand the learners in their class and to adjust their teaching methods to cater to each personality type. We were spoiled with refreshments in the morning and a lovely lunch. After lunch Ms Julie Sutherland, a Clinical Psychologist spoke to the staff regarding AD/HD learners and conflict resolution in the classroom. These presentation have enriched staff members and equipped them with the tools to tackle this year.

Mrs J E de Kock

Outstanding performance by St. Monica’s Matriculants

We at St. Monica’s, as an IEB School, are trying really hard to be an institution that excels in everything we do. We are trying to produce young people who are equipped with the skills and values necessary to survive in an ever changing world.

We are really proud to see that our students have achieved such good results. They have been an exceptional group and their results are fully deserved. The St. Monica’s matric class of 2019 achieved a 96 % pass rate with 41 % of learners achieving Bachelor passes. This is a massive increase from     29 % in 2018.

A special mention must go to our top student, Brysn Jacquire, who achieved an aggregate of 81%. He obtained 5 distinctions, Mathematics 86%, Business Studies 80%, Tourism 84%, CAT 80% and Life Orientation 85% as well as 2 Level 6’s Afrikaans FAL 71% and English HL 75%.

We are incredibly proud of all our matriculants. We would like to thank the staff and the parents for their support and hard work in preparing these precious children to face the future with confidence.

Mrs J E de Kock






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